Sunday, February 8, 2009

Libertarians......are whack's okay for me to say that....I googled it and it checked out

Dear Schmeat -

You may recall one Ron Paul from the presidential primary season of 2007-2008. He was the guy who was exactly like Dennis Kucinich; Crazy. As you know, Mr. Paul was Libertarian, who believed so wholeheartedly in his party's platform that he chose to jump ship to the similarly dickish, but marginally more mainstream, Republican party in an attempt to gain broader support. I hope Mr. Paul has removed adjectives like "loyalty" and "resolve" from his resume's cover letter.

But I'm not here to discuss Mr. Paul's many failings as both a politician, and a human being, Schmeat. I'm here to discuss the many failings of the Libertarian Party as both politicians, and as human beings. (and for good measure, they make pretty piss poor Americans too)

I had an interesting discussion with an acquaintance of one of my friends (see TheFriendChart for more on those words) recently. Despite how repugnant I found most of the views I was hearing, I didn't immediately mock, or ridicule them. This was because I found myself at somewhat of a disadvantage.

As you know, Schmeat, I don't like to look like a accident. So I didn't feel it prudent to voice any premature, half-formed opinions, lest I look like a fool in front of someone who actually knows what they are talking about. Feeling the need to remedy this situation I promptly Googled the Libertarian party, and, you know what Schmeat? I learned some very interesting, albeit, disturbing facts about this scrappy little cadre of future local office holders.

First, and foremost, I learned that I've been not only mispronouncing their name, but also misspelling it. I was under the impression that they were the LiberAtarian party, spelled and pronounced with that middle "A". Well I was wrong, and from now on when I say or spell their name wrong, it will be out of a lack of respect and a sense of disdain for their political ideas, not because I'm a poor speller, with a slight speech impediment.

Second, and actually foremost, I discovered that Ron Paul was only the tip of the batshitcrazy iceberg. He must have been either: A. The prettiest one or B. The one most resembling what most people would regard as sane. Because after reading their platform and views on current events, I see that Mr. Paul would be what you call a LeftwingLiberalNewYorkJewLibertarian.

The views posted on their website reveal that, for a group of people who think they should run the most powerful nation on Earth, the Libertarians lack even a rudimentary understanding about some topics that are helpful in running a functioning government such as:

  • A working knowledge of the basic principles of Constitution of the United States
  • A grasp of United States and World Histories, including, but not limited to, the stuff that might happen to support their point of view.
  • A sense of the common good
  • Self-awareness, and the ability to objectively, and critically examine whether or not you are living on the same planet as most Americans.

Now, Schmeat, you might be wondering how I came to such inflammatory conclusions about one of our nation's most least respected political parties. Well, Schmeat, I can guarantee you it is all based on their own admissions, via the platform they have posted on their website. Let's briefly review some of their often contradictory, or even historically inaccurate views, shall we?

Libertarians seem to believe:

  • Government should be as small as humanly possible
  • No Income Tax (and as few other taxes as possible)
  • Private Free Markets do EVERYTHING better from health care, to education, to banking , to managing the environment, to caring for the poor, to providing for the common good.(despite evidence to the contrary on most counts)
There are problems with this view Schmeat, and I'd be happy to discuss them with you further at a later date. For now I'll just leave you hanging, wondering what flaw I actually find in the mini platform I've presented. I guess you'll just have to check out "Libertarians......are whack's okay for me to say that....I googled it and it checked out Part II"


john effin doe said...

Keep it in the blog... Don't need friend on friend hate (or should I say "aquaintance" in your view of the world). You may not agree with most of what people say but a little tolerance goes a long way. Especially for everyone around the schmeat.

anonymous, more for the annoying than cowardly

Schmeat said...

it's not just "my" view of the world John Effin Doe. Its the "Correct" view of the world, but thanks for spending some of the valuable and finite time you have on this planet commenting on my blog. Next time try not to waste it on anonymous platitudes.

YesYouCan??? said...

Hmmm...I must say Schmeat, I applaud you argument against Libertarians. I only wish the folks of the Left-Wing persuasion I attempt to engage in serious political discourse with, could form as coherent an argument as you put forth. I can ssure you though, I watched this years Libertarian Party Convention, and you have nothing to worry about - we won't be seeing any in the White House in our future.

I would be interested in knowing, however, what one of the "EVERYTHINGS" you listed, is actually carried out by our government in a more efficient and successful manner than private enterprise?

Of course, now that the best and brigthtest America has to offer (our members of Congress) have decided to print a trillion dollars to infringe upon, usurp, takeover, nationalize, every "EVERYTHING" you listed, among others, we will finally have a chance to see what a true, Left-leaning, benevolent government for and by the people can actually accomplish.

Our government did one heckuva job when they decided to get into the mortgage lending business (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac), I can't wait to see what they do when they run all the banks!

You are right, those Libertarians should take a refresher course on U.S. History. And make sure it includes a lesson on the Great Depression. Especially the thing that made it GREAT in the first place - excessive government intervention and control. Thanks FDR!

And I don't know about about you, but I can't wait for the record levels of inflation we'll be experiencing in 3-5 years...

Schmeat said...

YesYourCan??? I'm afraid that you too need a history lesson, while historians and economists alike almost unilaterally agree that the New Deal did little to END the Great Depression in and of itself, it did provide the confidence and hope in the system that was necessary to jumpstart investment in the private sector. The New Deal in no way caused, or extended the Great Depression. Like the Stimulus bills of today, it is meant only to mitigate the circumstances we find ourselves in. In fact, it was the over-extension of credit that caused the great depression, much like today. It was the unregulated private sector lending, much like today. I in no way support nationalization of industry or banking, but I do believe that the government is the only one who can run public services in a fair and moral way. Its a long blog, that I wrote days ago, and am unwilling to reread, but I believe the "everything" that I referred to included such things as education, infrastructure (road, rail, mass transit), utilities,and basic health care, all of which, if run by the private sector would be available only to the affluent and well connected. I am not against private versions of any of these industries, so long as a well funded, vibrant public version also exists. The private sector has no motivation to provide equal opportunities in these areas to all people. Private industry exists for profit and there is no profit in the industries that the government funds. If you believe that the private sector would actually make accommodations for the desperately poor, you have never seen poverty up close in America.